There is a Jewish celebration in here and you’re invited!

 A team of mitzvah enthusiasts and kosher connoisseurs select the finest books, music, and foods for your Jewish soul’s delight. The monthly box is based on the Jewish season and holiday at hand. 

MyBoxMitzvah’s travel menorah kit has been featured on celebrity Instagram pages and our signature hand-made shemurah matzah from Israel has been seen on seder tables the world over.

Does it work as a gift?Yes! Do you have a student on campus for the holidays? Is your co-worker looking for a Jewish starter kit? Sign them up for the Box Mitzvah gift program and they’ll never miss a Jewish Holiday again!

Need more reasons to sign up? 

“When Kevin was traveling to Florida last December his Menorah and candles were waiting for him at his hotel, thanks to MyBoxMitzvah!” -- A Happy Mom

“Alice was studying hard for finals and was surprised when she got a hand-baked shmurah matzah from Israel, she invited friends and celebrated Passover in her dorm all thanks to MyBoxMitzvah!” - A Proud Dad

Join the fastest growing Jewish club and we’ll make sure you never miss a Jewish celebration.

People talking about MyBoxMitzvah!

This is an idea whose time ahas come, I have 3 kids in college!

Jane Salmon

I sent it to Jewish members of the armed services and boy were they happy!

John Waxman

I love getting the Jewish foods and products, it's my way of being a good Jewish! 

Kammit Heller